Why Use Our Frames?

Communication is important for any business, but it is absolutely vital for the hospital industry. Without proper communication, it can be easy for steps to be missed, patients to be overlooked, and medication schedules confused. While the complex chart system works for most situations, it can be difficult for the patient to feel included in the treatment process. At Simple Snap Frame, we want to change that; our line of whiteboards and custom inserts make it possible.

Why work with us?

At Simple Snap Frame, we’ve worked with hospitals for years, developing a customized and easy-to-use system. All of our materials are made in the USA, so you know you’ll be getting only the highest quality products available. Our frames are available in many finishes and can be custom made to the exact size you need.

What makes us unique?

Our frames are built to be durable and simple to use. Just click open the frame edges, insert your new sign, whiteboard insert, or message, and snap them shut. It really is that simple. No matter what type of sign you need to display, Simple Snap Frame has the solution for you.

All of our products are produced with our environmentally responsible process and utilize at least 30 percent recycled material. Rather than relying on low-quality petroleum-based and environmentally damaging processes used in other countries, we strive to reduce our carbon footprint with each frame so you can feel good about your purchase.

No matter what size frame you need, Simple Snap Frame is here to help. Contact us today to see how our custom inserts and displays can help your practice.