How To Choose The Right Custom Snap Frame For Your Business

There are a lot of decisions that go into helping your organization succeed. Protecting signs, menus, and notices with framed displays may seem simple, but it can have a big impact on the experience of your clients, employees, or patients. Here on the Simple Snap Frame blog, we’ve talked before about how to choose the right kind of custom framed display for your needs. Today, we’ll go even more in-depth and guide you through the process of deciding the color or finish for your custom snap frame.

As we’ve discussed in our series on color theory, different colors are associated with different emotions and feelings. Choosing the right color for your framed display can go a long way in promoting the environment you are trying to create for your business, restaurant, or hospital. If you’re new to the series, we encourage you to review our posts on color harmony and meaning! In today’s article, we’ll be offering specific suggestions for matching your needs and expectations with one of our custom snap frames.


Excite Your Customers

If you operate a restaurant and bar, then you want your customers to enjoy their time in your establishment — and, preferably, order a lot off the menu! Warm colors, including reds, oranges, and yellows, can help you make that a reality. Warm colors are often associated with energy, passion, positivity, and hunger. While they can be bright and overwhelming, using warm colors to accent small details like your menu or displayed artwork can create the perfect atmosphere.


Whether your establishment is meant to be a night-out destination for families or a romantic hideaway for couples, you can’t go wrong with the color red. It’s associated with love, romance, and excitement, and studies have even shown that people eat more when exposed to the color red than when they have a similar experience with cooler colors.


Do you want your restaurant or bar to stand out from the rest? Try metallic gold! It’s a great accent color that can indicate that your establishment is high value or high class. It’s bright, eye-catching, and often indicates wealth and prestige, which can draw people in when they are looking for a place to impress their companions.

Relax Your Patients

If you work in a hospital, your goal is the opposite of excitement — you want your patients to stay calm and as relaxed as possible during their visit. Cool colors, from green and blue to purple, should be your go-to when you’re deciding how to decorate your space.



There is a lot of the color white in hospitals, and for good reason! White is often associated with cleanliness, peace, and healing, and there are no loud, clashing colors to disrupt patients. If you are looking for a simple option for your next custom snap frame, you can’t go wrong with white!


Another common color in hospitals is blue. This hue is often associated with calm, wisdom, and trust. If you want to brighten up a space without any harsh colors or negative associations – red, for example, should be avoided in a healthcare space – then blue is a great option.

Keep It Professional

Do bright colors seem to clash with your idea of a professional business space? Simple Snap Frame also offers our custom frames in more neutral options. Neutral colors make it easy to match design options across a wide office, and they let the contents of the framed display speak for itself. Whether you are displaying art, employee notices, or business awards, neutral colors can be exactly what you need.


Is there anything more classic and business-like than the color black? It’s a simple, elegant shade that can be conservative or creative depending on how you utilize your space. When it comes to brightly colored artwork or posters, the contrast of black lets those colors shine. If you are displaying business awards or accolades, then a black custom snap frame can add a further touch of professionalism.


When you want to lighten up a space without losing the dignity of a simple shade, then order your custom snap frame in silver! It’s a neutral color that can work with any interior design scheme while adding a little something special with metallics. Silver draws attention and denotes importance, all without distracting from the contents of your framed display.

Wood Finish

While silver and black are undoubtedly respectable choices for an office, sometimes they are a little too cool for the environment you’re trying to create. A wood finish frame is the perfect compromise. Simple Snap Frame offers a variety of wood finish options, from golden-brown oak to bright cherry wood, so you can take advantage of warmer colors and create a dignified framed display for important notices.

Order Your Custom Snap Frame Today

We hope you’ve found the perfect fit for your business needs in today’s article. If you’re ready to order your custom snap frame, then contact the Simple Snap Frame team today! You can describe your needs in our easy-to-use online form or give us a call, and we’ll respond as quickly as possible with a custom quote on your order. You’ll be able to take the next step in streamlining your team’s tasks or finishing your office’s interior decor in no time. Explore all our options for easy front-loading frames, and contact us today to get started!