How Do Whiteboards Make a Difference?

Hospitals see hundreds of patients each day. With so many people coming in and out of their facility, communication between doctors, staff, and nurses is absolutely vital to maintain any sense of order in the chaos. Rather than relying on paper notes tucked into patient charts to pass information along, many hospitals have opted to use whiteboards across their departments. Today, we’ll take a look at a few of the ways adding whiteboards to your hospital or medical facility can streamline communication, both for your patients and your staff.

Improve Communication Between Doctors and Patients

Adding a whiteboard in a patient’s room is a great way for the patient and their family to stay up-to-date with all treatments, prescriptions, and schedules. If your patient has any dietary restrictions or allergies, the in-room whiteboard is the perfect place to display the information. This will allow nurses and staff to stay updated on the individual needs of the patient every time they enter the room. In an industry where physicians and nurses are interacting with hundreds of people a week, clear and easily updated communication is key to keeping treatment protocols straight.

Improves Safety

While patient charts typically don’t get mixed up, accidents do happen. A whiteboard positioned outside the patient’s room is a perfect way to minimize the risk of analyzing an incorrect chart. Any important information can be added to this whiteboard as a way for staff to make sure they’re treating the patient correctly or picking them up for surgery at the proper time.

How Simple Snap Frames Can Help

At Simple Snap Frame, we understand the importance of clear communication in your hospital. This is why we developed our simple whiteboard system! Our frames are easy to use, affordable, and made right here in the United States! What sets us apart from other whiteboards?

  • Our inserts are replaceable and interchangeable. If your dry-erase insert gets scratched or damaged, simply open the frame, remove it, and replace it with a fresh insert! In seconds, you’ll have a brand new whiteboard ready to go without having to deal with hanging a new frame.
  • Our inserts are easy to clean and simple to maintain. Once your patient is discharged, erase the information with a wet cloth. If you notice smudges on the insert, use rubbing alcohol and a soft cloth to remove the buildup and residue. It’s that simple!
  • While they are easily replaceable, our inserts are designed to last. Most of our clients have seen years of use with a single insert!

Don’t waste your money on cheap whiteboards that only last a couple of months. Order your Simple Snap Frame today!