Help Your Patients and Staff Stay Informed with Simple Snap Frame!

Do you want to keep your patients and staff informed on treatments, doctors, specialists, and other important information? Utilize our dry-erase boards and inserts for patient rooms so that you can streamline the process and keep everyone who is caring for the patient optimally informed. Simple Snap Frame has been manufacturing our eco-friendly and quality frames since 1992. When you use one of our frames with a whiteboard or custom insert in your hospital, you’ll always be informed and up to date on schedules, requirements, procedures, and surgeries. Order today!

Easy to Read

When you use our Simple Snap Frames in your hospital rooms, your staff will always be informed on an easy-to-read, dry-erase white board that is durable and well-made. Since they are easy to change out, if you need to purchase a different insert, you can simply open the frame, replace the insert, and then enjoy your new board without having to take down the entire whiteboard and reinstall the new one. This will save your hospital or clinic money over time, and as requirements and needs change, you can order new custom inserts that will be made exactly to your specifications. If you’re searching for a hospital room sign to keep your patients, their doctors, and their families informed and apprised of their treatments and procedures, then Simple Snap Frame has exactly what you need!

So Many Colors!

Simple Snap Frames has a wide array of colors for you to choose from so you can match your decor easily and give your hospital rooms an air of design and professionalism. Being in the hospital is scary for many people, having a beautifully decorated and coordinating room will help to eliminate some of those fears and create a personalized space for your patient and his or her family. We even offer several different wood finishes so you and your patients can enjoy the beauty of wood in the decor of the hospital room. Some may think “bleak” or “boring” are better descriptors of a hospital room sign, but with Simple Snap Frame’s beautiful selection of colored and wood finish frames, you can be sure that the hospital room will be an inviting and relaxing place for a patient to recover and recuperate, and the family members will also be set at ease by the lovely, coordinating decor. It’s all in the details!

No matter what size frame you need, Simple Snap Frame is here to help. Contact us today to see how our custom inserts and displays can help your practice.

Insert Options

Staying informed is vital to the healthcare professionals and personnel who are caring for patients. If a board is dirty or old and makes reading important information difficult, it can pose a risk for the patient’s care if a sign is unclear about treatments, allergies, or medications. Our inserts at Simple Snap frame are designed to be easily cleaned and clearly read. We offer stock designs in both English and Spanish, and we’re more than happy to add your preferred logo or mission statement. If you would prefer a custom design, our talented design department can create exactly what you need to your specifications. If your information changes, instead of having to throw away the entire board, you can simply order new inserts and keep the boards on the walls so that your hospital room signs are always displaying accurate and up-to-date information for both patients and doctors. When you purchase a Simple Snap Frame, you’ll always be impressed by the quality and design of the signs, and enjoy the durability and easily-read whiteboard for years to come.

A Way to Communicate

You don’t only have to use our whiteboards to inform doctors, nurses, and family members. You can install an “encouragement board” or a place for loved ones to write notes of love and inspiration for the patient to read during the day. These notes will mean a lot, especially if the patient has had an extended stay in the hospital. Also, this will save paper as traditional sympathy and get-well-soon cards won’t be used as much and the patient will only have to glance over the notes as they will be easy to read on our bright and easily cleaned whiteboard inserts. If the patient happens to be at a procedure or appointment and a friend or family member stops by, he or she can leave a “while you were out” note for the patient to receive upon his or her return. Our boards also make excellent places to keep a patient’s schedule. The hospital room sign can inform nurses and doctors who may not be acquainted with the patient that he or she has specified visiting hours or a planned nap every day. This will save frustration and miscommunication for both parties that are involved and he or she won’t have to be constantly repeating his or her schedule. The patient can also help keep hospital personnel informed as his or her schedule changes. For example, if he or she would like to be left alone to visit with a close family member or friend, he or she can note it on the schedule so with a quick glance at the hospital room sign, those who are caring for the patient will be up to date on the altered schedule.

Simple Snap Frame manufactures their frames here in the USA. We’re dedicated to quality, durability, and a product that will make everyone’s job easier. We’re a Top Rated National® Snap Frames manufacturer and are committed to our customers. If you’re searching for well-made hospital room signs, frames, whiteboard inserts, or custom inserts, browse our website today!