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Visual White Boards & Frame Solutions

For the Education Industry

We’ve all walked inside of a school with loosely hanging signage that looks crooked and tattered. From posters and flyers to signs placed outside of specific classrooms, there are many important school announcements that are susceptible to falling on the ground, where they will be damaged by both student and faculty foot traffic. Instead of risking your school’s signage potentially becoming permanently damaged, consider using Simple Snap Frame’s custom snapping frames for all of your school-wide communication needs. With a number of colors and wood grains to choose from, you can easily find a custom snapping frame that will blend seamlessly with your school’s interior. We offer template or custom sign inserts as well as custom whiteboards. With these options and our easy-to-change design, your school’s important info will never be missed!

Snap Frame Solutions
Improves Schools By

  • Effortlessly housing sign-up sheets
  • Informing students and parents of holidays
  • Easily displaying upcoming events and assemblies
  • Much more!

Streamline your school’s facilities today with custom snapping frames from Snap Frame Solutions. All of our products are made in the USA, are built to last, and come equipped with a lifetime warranty for your peace of mind.